Compton Heights Neighborhood Betterment Association

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The Association's purpose is to improve the Compton Heights neighborhood and surrounding area through improvements and beautification, preventing crime, promoting the City and Compton Heights as a desirable place to live, and promoting historic preservation. Membership in the Association is open to all residents and nonresident property owners of the Compton Heights District. Members are required to pay dues annually to the Association or become a "lifetime" member. Voting is granted to one person from each household that meets the membership requirements.

A Board of Directors elected by the membership governs the Association. The Board of Directors meet monthly while the membership meets semi-annually, usually the 2nd week of June and December.

Elections are held each December when four new Directors are elected by the Membership for a full three-year term. During the first meeting in January, officers are elected and committee chairpersons are appointed. Any Board member may be both an officer and committee chair.

Officers for 2018

  • President and Historian – William Brush Jr.
  • Vice President – Jim Sheets
  • Treasurer – Sandy Koesterer
  • Secretary – Bridget Rutledge
  • Membership – Melissa Markwort
  • Beautification – Liz Hiliker and Erin Baker
  • Neighborhood Standards – Gary Sakin and Rick Constance
  • Neighborhood Relations – Elaine Pudlowski and Sandy Koesterer
  • Safety and Security – Jim Sheets
  • Real Estate and New Neighbor Welcome – Tammy Koch
  • Publications – Janelle Finder


  • Beautification
  • Fundraising
  • Historian
  • Membership
  • Neighborhood Relations
  • Neighborhood Standards
  • Publications
  • Safety & Security
  • Real Estate
  • New Neighbor Welcome
  • Nominating Committee
  • Margaret Calhoun Award
  • Historic Lighting
  • Neighborhood 5-Year Plan

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